Mentorship Program

“Manas Kee Jat Sabhe Eke Paihchanbo” Project is based on principle of equality of mankind. We need to create a society in which members live like a family, helping and supporting one another. This project has been initiated to create opportunities for gursikhs to help each other and others in the community. It allows to create a network for professionals to help each other and support younger youth in their career aspirations.

Project Scope:
Three main areas of focus for this project are:
1. Help write professional Resumes
2. Help with interview preparation
3. Mentor younger youth around career options and help with college/internships applications

This project will be launched in 3 phases:
1. In the first phase we launched earlier this year in Los Angeles, California.
2. In second phase we will expand to Seattle, Bay Area and Surrey, BC (Canada) by end of 2016.
3. In future we plan to expand to rest of North America.

The funds will be used for two purposes.
1. Hire professional resume building services where needed (it cost from $100-$200 per resume). Based on our experience last year, we are easily anticipating 20 – 30 resumes where we may need to rent their services.
2. Travel ticket for the speaker for twice a year career/mentorship workshop. (anticipating ~$1000 cost per event)

Project Intake Process:

Mentorship Project Intake Process