Gurmat Parchar

An Amrit Sanchaar Smaagam was held in a remote area of Madhya Pradesh in India. Over 100 Dalits were blessed with the gift of Amrit and joined the Khalsa Panth in village Guna, distract Aron. With Guru Sahib’s Grace the new Khalsa Sikhs are following Gurmat Khalsa Rehat and in good spirits. It is said that the new Khalsa Sikhs overcame a lot of hardships from local village leaders and police who tried to prevent them from taking Amrit and becoming Khalsa because of their so-called ‘low caste’. They were denied basic daily needs such as clean water, yet they did not waiver and were determined to become the Khalsa of the Guru. From farmers to teachers, all these Sikhs are proud Khalsa and we should support them and their families.

Sikh Story Books & Apps

The purpose of this project is to promote Sikh History and Gurmat way of life among Kids and Teenagers. This is project is being managed by highly skilled IT professionals with vast knowledge of Sikh History and Gurmat way of life. We are developing story books and Sikh Apps for Android,windows and iphone platforms and distribute in Sangat for free of cost.